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i've composed a lot of retro game music pieces/loops recently, and have been posting a few of them here on newgrounds. they are composed mostly using sounds directly from games like final fantasy 7, earthbound, super metroid, etc. hopefully fans of oldschool jrpgs, snes, psx, 90s/early 2000s console games, can make use of them for their own games. here are a few of the latest ones, feel free to use them and share them!





final fantasy 7 announcement

2015-11-19 20:40:28 by HLG

i'm proud to announce that final fantasy 7 is a pretty cool game

omg michael jackson died

2014-08-04 01:19:40 by HLG

Rest in Peace Michaels Jackson will U always be remember in are hearts........



the benefits of regression

2014-07-10 01:28:57 by HLG

hello lesser demons & fellow intellectualists! have you found you've-

-exhausted your jaegermeister?

-found your loose fleshy flaps just don't kick like they used to?

-have no practical use for your bachelor's degree in postmodernism from the multistate college of various expertise?

-run dry of shanty towns to plunder?

well if you're prone to wanton fits of lust and rampage, or if you're a druggist of some sort, i'd expect you'll enjoy my NEW cartoon, and if my lack of proper punctation means anything anymore, you're definitely a person. facsimile facsimile, tra la la, heliotrope.


A sassy freak speaks

2014-04-02 00:32:01 by HLG

In the words of said sassy freak, rendered in a pedantic if not grossly verbose idiolect, articulated with the jarringly self-defeating vernacular of apathetic man-children, the fiercely delivered narration is like a thunderbolt echoing in an empty warehouse, though the sound is not in protest to the churning of the skies, but meant to be wrought upon the isolationists and individualists and absurdists who choose instead to breathe the placid smog of lethargy 


Official! Announcing Egoraptor's new parody

2013-12-27 14:36:56 by HLG

Hey everyone here, just speaking officially for Arin Hansen AKA "The Ego Raptor". I'm so excited because he has asked me personally to announce his new parody flash cartoon. Egoraptor has been hard at work (Not to mention hard at play! Get it? Because he plays videogames?) on his new cartoon, which is an Adobe Flash animation parody. Aaron Raptor has OFFICIALLY entrusted me with this PRIVILEGED information regarding his brand new satirical parody animation cartoon. Stay "TOONED"! more info coming soon, directly from me, Arin Handsome's official confidant.



2013-01-16 18:18:21 by HLG



michael jackson died omg!!

holy shit you guys hear about what happened?


2012-10-31 19:51:18 by HLG

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