Free retro game music for game developers

2017-02-25 17:56:01 by HLG

i've composed a lot of retro game music pieces/loops recently, and have been posting a few of them here on newgrounds. they are composed mostly using sounds directly from games like final fantasy 7, earthbound, super metroid, etc. hopefully fans of oldschool jrpgs, snes, psx, 90s/early 2000s console games, can make use of them for their own games. here are a few of the latest ones, feel free to use them and share them!


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2017-02-25 18:17:54

Ha. I do the same thing. Except that I aim to emulate the SEGA Genesis using a pretty accurate VST. The only things I rip from games is drum samples.


2017-02-25 21:14:59

make roland the robot 6 or shut up

HLG responds:

one dayyy


2017-02-25 22:27:52

just make it free use then?


2017-02-26 01:50:32

pretty good if I knew how to make games id consider using them